Committed to making positive changes to improve lives

The relaxed rural environment of the centre is the perfect place for people who are struggling but committed to making positive changes to improve their lives and who are willing to participate in life skills training which promotes personal resilience, self-confidence, self-esteem and enables people to enjoy an increased level of functioning.
Joanna Life Skills Centre is not a “detox facility”. It’s a centre where vulnerable people can get their lives back on track.

Each application is individually assessed, and if they are actively taking drugs or alcohol at the time of referral, they may need to be hospitalised for inpatient detox before coming to the Centre.

It’s more about people wanting change, getting out of the rut they’re in and making a break from that.

Joanna Life Skills Centre is a new and innovative 24/7 Service, providing quality yet affordable supported accommodation and training to mental health consumers and other disadvantaged individuals.

Joanna Centre is privately owned by Carol and Rob Coleman and is located on a picturesque 100-acre property in the South East of S.A, approximately 20km from the township of Naracoorte.

Accommodation is comprised of 25 single and share rooms across multiple dwellings.

Our slogan: ‘Together We Can’

It’s everybody’s place, we can all help to make the future bigger, better and as bright as the Centre can be.

We have firm ideas about the direction we want to take the Joanna Centre.  The Centre is not about us, it’s about the people who come here for support.

Referrals to Joanna Life Skills Centre can be made by health professionals, support workers, family, friends or by self-referral.

Applications and Referrals are subject to availability.

Due to the Centre’s rural location and relaxed environment, many of the negative city and suburban influences are reduced, which allow residents to focus on their own needs and behaviours and allow them to make positive lifestyle changes.

Support Network

Ongoing intensive support is often required as many Mental Health, DASSA, Disability and Veteran consumers struggle to accept their illness as well as struggle with the symptoms associated with their illness.

When other complexities such as drug and alcohol issues, non-compliance of medication, non-compliance with treatment plans, family breakdown, relationship breakdown, feelings of hopelessness, social isolation and feelings of exclusion are added to the mix, the risk of relapse or suicide are significantly increased.

Our Approach & Values

Through a Holistic Person-Centred approach, Joanna Centre aims to instil hope and meaning into the lives of those who are most vulnerable in our community and support them with their challenges to enable them to live a rewarding and purposeful life where their individual journey is important and has meaning.

Joanna Life Skills Centre staff support a culture that is based on mutual respect and a genuine concern for the health, safety and welfare of all residents and staff.  The Centre promotes personal validation, where everyone has a voice and everyone has a personal responsibility to engage in both formal and informal training activities that promote Personal Recovery Goals.

Nursing Best Practice forms the foundation of Service Delivery and is incorporated into all aspects of Care and Support.

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All enquiries are confidential.