Entry to the Centre is voluntary through referral by relevant stakeholders, Mental Health Staff, Suicide Prevention Networks, DASSA, local GP, NGO Support Service Staff, Family, Self-referral or other Agencies.

The Centre’s referral process is selective without exclusion; however, all prospective residents will be able to demonstrate they are willing to reside at the Centre, conduct themselves in a safe and appropriate non-violent manner, engage in organised activities, be willing to participate in selected skills training and be willing to attend formal training sessions.

Once accepted, length of stay at the Centre is to be negotiated on an individual basis by the resident/significant other and in some cases by relevant stakeholders.

Crisis Respite options are available and dependent on room availability.
The Fee structure is determined by the resident’s individual complexity and identified needs.

A one-off entry fee to the Centre does apply and is in addition to the weekly fee schedule.

Level 1 entry fee per person is comparable to current supported/boarding house rates, however, Joanna Centre has a distinct advantage due to the relaxed rural location, quality premises, high standard of rooms and scheduled onsite training opportunities included for all residents.

The Joanna Centre Referral Form can be completed and discussed at the time of interview to determine the required entry level.

Referral Form

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10 + 4 =

Level 1 = Low level of needs and training
Level 2 = Moderate level of needs and training
Level 3 = High level of needs and training